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Win a Trip to Mexico!

~~ 40th Anniversary Sweepstakes ~~

Help us Celeberate our 40th Anniversary. Visit your participating Azteca Mexican Restaurant and Enter to Win.

4 days & 3 nights for TWO (2) in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico (at an all inclusive hotel). The trip includes air fare, lodging at an ‘all inclusive’ Resort Hotel and three (3) Dinners in Puerto Vallarta.



Winner’s Announced!

Jose Luis ‘Pepe’ Ramos (Azteca Founder) and Mary Gilbert (Cointreau Liqueur) choose the WINNER of Azteca’s 40th Anniversary ~~ 4 Day and 3 Night Trip to Puerto Vallarta !

The WINNERS were ~~ Mr. and Mrs. Chris Frosig of Bothell, WA. The Frosig’s have been Customers @ our Mill Creek Azteca since it opened in 1998.

Congratulations to the Frosig’s!


Congratulations to Chris and Chantelle!

Congratulations to Chris and Chantelle Frosig! Chris and Chantelle will be going to Puerto Vallarta as WINNERS of the Azteca Mexican Restaurants, 40th Anniversary Trip to Mexico Sweepstakes.

Chris and Chantelle have been Azteca Guests at our Mill Creek Azteca since it opened in 1998.

Alejandro Robles / GM, Chantelle Frosig, Chris Frosig and Francisco Robles / Owner.

Alejandro Robles / GM, Chantelle Frosig, Chris Frosig and Francisco Robles / Owner.

Meet the Owners

Emerita Robles and Miguel Robles are first cousins of the Ramos Brothers and best of friends with Victor Ramos (Polo)… Miguel had the opportunity to work with Polo at the Ballard, WA restaurant in 1978 where Polo asked him to help out since Polo didn’t have anyone he could depend on. Miguel, even though he had a very good job in California, decided to accept… the motive for that decision was simply loyalty, humility and trust in him. Emerita came on board at the same time and that’s how they undertook their new working adventure whose success can be attributed to the fact that Polo, Pepe and Hector are wonderful people.

They worked at the Ballard restaurant for only two years because the restaurant burned down… after that, Miguel received an offer to go to work at another Azteca Mexican Restaurant. Emerita and Miguel thought about it and after a long decision making process decided to continue their working relationship with Polo and the Ramos Brothers. At that time, the Ramos’ had a restaurant in Bellevue where, once again, Miguel began to work in the kitchen. We worked there until we moved to a restaurant in Federal Way at the beginning of the 80s… after approximately 10 years and another restaurant in Federal Way we bought this new location… although we are owners we have always just felt like partners. In all, we have been partners with the Ramos Brothers and Azteca Mexican Restaurants for over 35 years!

The support and vision of the Ramos Brothers has been, without a doubt, the secret of our triumph; accompanied by hard work, dedication and humility. We continue working to this day and believe that the example that we give to our employees as well as our family members to work, be honest and good with our clients is what continues to bring us great success.

Emerita Robles y Miguel Robles son primos hermanos de Los Ramos y compadres de Polito… Miguel tuvo la oportunidad de trabajar con Polo en el Restaurante de Ballard WA en 1978 donde Polito le pidio que le ayudara pues no tenia nadie de confianza. Miguel aunque tenia un muy buen trabajo en California decidio aceptar… El motivo de esa decision fue simple y sencillamente la lealtad, humildad y confianza con el. Emerita se vino a la vez con el y asi emprendieron su nuevo trabajo el cual ahora ellos solo pueden explicar el exito a que Polo, Pepe y Hector son gente muy buena.

Trabajaron en el restaurante de Ballard solo dos anios pues el restaurante se quemo… despues de ahi Miguel recibio una oferta para ir a trabajar a otro Restaurante Azteca. Emerita y MIguel lo pensaron y lo platicaron a detalle y decidieron seguir la relacion de trabajo con Polo pues en ese entonces los Ramos tenian un restaurante en Bellevue donde una vez mas Miguel empezo a trabajar en la cocina. Trabajamos ahi hasta que nos mudamos a principios de los 80s a un restaurante en Federal Way… despues de aproximadamente 10 anios y otro restaurante en Federal Way compramos este nuevo local… aunque nosotros somos duenos siempre nos sentimos solo como socios. En todo, hemos sido socios con los hermanos Ramos y los Restaurantes Azteca por mas que 35 anios!

El apoyo de Pepe y Polo han sido sin duda el secreto de nuestro triunfo. Acompanado del trabajo la dedicacion y la humildad. Nosotros seguimos trabajando y creemos que el ejemplo que les damos tanto a nuestros empleados como a nuestros familiares de trabajar, ser honestos y buenos con los clientes es lo que nos seguira llevando al triunfo.

Valentine’s Day at Azteca!



Happy Valentine’s Day from Azteca!

Fun at Azteca!

azteca-summerAzteca Amigos ~~ It is Summer Time ~~ Fun is in the Air !

We invite you, your friends and your family to come this Summer and enjoy the ‘Great Tastes of Mexico’.

Food and Drink Features in the Dining Room
Food and Drink Features in our Cantinas
Professional Baseball – come and watch your favorite team
Futbol / Soccer – Showing in the Azteca Cantinas at all times
Legendary Azteca Service
40 years of the Best Mexican Cuisine
Patios ~~  a number of our Aztecas have fabulous Patios ~~ get your ‘ray bans’ out and
     enjoy dinner and drinks on our patios.

See you there !  Bienvenidos a la Familia !

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